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An industry leader in bank tractors, Rapid manufactures hydrostatic drive models that can be fitted with various components to equip them to perform specific tasks. A wide range of wheel and tyre options, including semi-flotation, large balloon flotation and turf type, along with dual and treble wheel combinations and cage wheels for bank work. The engines feature hourmeters so that service schedules can be maintained, as well as a transmission free-wheeling device which enables the operator to move the tractor by hand. Certain models have the option of electric starters instead of the usual pull start. The ability to work on steep ground is a Rapid speciality and if fitted with the correct wheel equipment, the Rapid hydrostatic drive tractor is safe to operate on the steepest of gradients.

The Rapid range includes two-wheel tractors, two-wheel attachments, four-wheel attachments and woodchippers, so why not call us on 01954 718484 for further details?

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