Bomford Flailbot

Flailbot is Bomford's wirelessly operated track mower for challenging terrains that offers the ultimate remotely controlled mowing capability with zero operator risk. Covering steeply inclined terrain with a traditional man-on-board power mower can place the driver at risk, but remotely controlled wirelessly, Flailbot provides ultimate mowing capability while keeping the operator at a safe distance.

The remote control, operating all Flailbot functions, has a range of up to 150m. Providing precise control of forward or reverse track speeds, real-time critical machine data and the ability to adjust the offset needed to maintain direction amongst many others. Flailbot is as at home on steep slopes as it is on flatter areas. With its ability to work on terrains angled up to 55 degrees and being remotely controlled, the Flailbot is ideal for hilly and mountainous areas, banks and ditches, escarpments and highways, military land, industrial plants, public parklands, forested areas, airports, drainage systems and reservoirs, municipal areas and sports facilities.

In addition to the Flailbot, Bomford also offer a Tri Wing flex mower, specifically designed for large open spaces, with wide-angle constant velocity drive shafts and in-line slip clutch protection. Their range of Side Arm mowers provides a vast choice in both specification and budget, meanwhile. Starting from the smallest compact tractor to large watercourse management models, there is a model for every landscape. Machines are built to the highest standards in the UK factory with a focus on ease of control and operator comfort.

To learn more about Bomford Flailbots, Tri Wings and Side Arms please call us on 01954 718484.


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