Loncin Engine range

The Loncin engine series offers a cost effective option for the repower market. Ranging from 1.8hp to 12hp horizontal shaft engines and vertical engines from 3.6hp to 4.8hp, there is also a V-Twin, 19.7hp horizontal engine, and a V-Twin, 19.3hp vertical engine. Many customers are now choosing to extend the life of their existing equipment by refurbishing machines and replacing the old engine offering significant savings against the purchase of a new machine.

Loncin Generator range

The Loncin AS Series, open frame petrol generators consist of six models from 2.0kW to 6.0kW. This new range has been designed to improve performance, durability and aesthetics. Quality of build has been improved with a more robust machine frame and features including flush fitting sockets have been incorporated to protect against damage in operation.

Loncin Inverter Generators

Loncin LC2000i, 230v, and the LC2000i-S, 110v, both have a rated output of 1.6kW and are fitted with Loncin engines. The recently added LC3500i now completes the range. These fuel efficient, high power machines have low fuel consumption keeping operating costs to a minimum. Compact and lightweight, these inverter generators are also very low noise. Where there is a requirement for additional power, both these models can run in parallel. They are environmentally-friendly with reduced emissions, and they have the added benefit of sine wave technology allowing the user to power sensitive equipment. The LC2000i-S, is the only CE Certified 110v inverter generator available in the UK.

Loncin Water Pump range

Loncin also manufactures four portable pump models for clean water applications, and a semi-trash model. The LC25, 1” pump is capable of delivering 8,000 litres per hour, the LC50, 2” pump delivers 30,000 litres per hour, and the LC80 delivers 60,000 litres per hour. The 2” High Lift Water Pump has a massive 60 metre lift and the Semi-Trash pump is capable of moving fluids containing small debris.


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