Shibaura SG280A Bank Mower

Manufactured in Japan by the prestigious Shibaura corporation, the SG280A bank mower is a highly capable and robust diesel bank and slope mower. This ride-on bank mower is purpose designed for mowing on slopes, banks and inclines to enable you to finish your jobs faster, more safely and more easily. The high-efficiency Shibaura N843 diesel engine is designed to work at angles whilst offering low emissions and noise levels.

The mid mounted 1.5mt (5') mowing deck discharges to the right and can be fitted with a variety of collectors, the engine powers a two-speed infinitely variable transmission which powers the rear wheels normally but which can power all four wheels when required. Combined with a low centre of gravity, this results in one of the most effective ride-on bank mowers currently available. Features include:

  • High-displacement, high-output Shibaura N843 diesel engine
  • Mid-mounted rotary cutting deck
  • Selectable 4wd
  • Two-speed hydrostatic transmission
  • Power steering
  • Low centre of gravity for stability and safety
  • Equipped with horizontally adjustable seat capable of adjusting to an incline of up to 30 degrees
  • Rollover protection bar
  • Optional attachments: bagger grass collector, hi-lift grass collector, spreader & blower

The SG280 bank mower is equipped with an adjustable seat to an incline of up to 25 degrees for your quick and easy operation. There are a wide variety of collectors available from conventional rear bagger collectors to hi-lift tipping collectors.

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