Trimax FlailDek FX

The Trimax FlailDek FX™ is the standard in out-front flail cutting. The ability to deliver an exceptionally clean cut and to disperse clippings safely makes the FlailDek FX ™ suitable for sports grounds, roadsides, schools, parks and other fine turf applications.

The full width rear roller prevents unsightly scalping and permits the edge of the mower to be run along kerbs and banks without fear of blade strike. The roller also adds to overall safety and produces a brilliant striping effect for those wishing to pattern their turf. The latest innovation to the FlailDek FX™, its tyres will keep you mowing in even the most demanding environments.

One secret of the FlailDek FX™’s success is the exclusive Trimax GammaFX Flails™. Formed from high-tensile alloy steel and hardened for long life, the straight cutting edge produces a perfectly even cut. The aerodynamic profile reduces horsepower requirements, yet generates sufficient draught to prevent clogging, and lifts the grass for a clean cut. The low power requirements are a huge advantage, especially in heavy conditions.

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