Trimax ProCut

Over the past 30 years Trimax has mastered the art of high-performance multi-spindle mowers. ProCut S3 spindles have smaller diameter blades that give more cuts per metre and clean cutting at high ground speeds. This adds up to better productivity and an exceptional finish.

Large diameter front and rear rollers on the ProCut S3 follow contours and support the mower across its entire width, providing excellent anti-scalp protection. The mower decks are able to be hung over kerbs and run across concrete areas with no fear of blade strikes.

A carefully engineered blade system with an altered centre of gravity and distinctive tilt-forward design unique to Trimax. Using the LazerBladez™ full-length cutting edge produces a clean finish even when mowing at high ground speeds. LazerBladez™ are made with high grade alloy steel providing a significant increase in blade and bolt life for added safety and lower operating costs.

To ensure optimum efficiency, the ProCut is fitted with grease free spindles. This removes the tedious task of regular greasing, giving you more time out cutting.

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