Trimax Snake

The Trimax Snake offers continuous cutting while turning for areas such as headlands, tight spaces and around trees. The Kerb Jump, also known as ‘Cross Cut’, enables all three mower decks to be raised just off the ground without disengaging the PTO. This improves productivity by allowing the mower to cross gravel driveways or paths and quickly turn at headlands.

The Snake is fitted with Trimax LazerBladez™, a blade system with a carefully engineered centre of gravity and distinctive tilt-forward blade design unique to Trimax. Using the LazerBladez™ full length cutting edge, Snake produces a clean finish even when mowing at high ground speeds. LazerBladez™ are made with high grade alloy steel providing a significant increase in blade and bolt life for added safety and lower operating costs.

Full-width rollers minimise scalping in extreme undulating conditions and allow mowing over kerbsides, bunkers and potholes without blade strike. And the use of a new FLEX CONE helps to prevent dust and external agents getting trapped in the bearings, also minimising the risk of PTO’s coming in contact with the rotating parts of the drives. This greatly reduces the amount of greasing required, extending intervals out to as much as 50 hours.

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