Trimax Stealth

The Stealth's improved cutting chamber design means a much improved quality of cut and spread in long and short grass. The new baffle design directs airflow from the blades out and over the rear roller, making the Stealth more versatile than ever. Stand-on covers provide safe and easy access to the rear of the tractor when coupling the mower and the improved belt chamber design results in easy cleaning, with the front openings allowing the grass to be easily washed or blown away.

Featuring heavy-duty Tri-bolt housings, large triple-sealed bearings, replaceable stubs and simple, yet robust roller retention, the innovative roller bearings require no maintenance greasing and have a longer lifespan than any previous Stealth model. Clearly displayed cut height indicators allow for simple and easy alteration or resetting of cut heights. You can adjust heights without having to raise and lower the wings.

The Trimax Stealth is fitted with Trimax LazerBladez™, a blade system with a carefully engineered centre of gravity and distinctive tilt-forward blade design giving optimum performance and grass speed.

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