Trimax Striker

The Trimax Striker range incorporates decades of experience with multi-spindled rotary roller mowers. Lighter than other Trimax mowers, it retains the attention to detail that minimises downtime and makes servicing easy. The cutting system, body integrity and sealed ball bearing spindles have been proven with extensive and rigorous testing.

LazerBladez™ are fitted to enhance the clean cutting ability of the Striker. The tilt-forward design minimises hang back in tough conditions and the full-length cutting edge ensures that a clean cut is achieved when mowing at high ground speeds. LazerBladez™ are made from a special alloy steel which provides greater durability needed in commercial mowing operations. The combination of more cuts per metre, LazerBladez™ and a unique under-body design ensures an even spread of clippings.

With only four carefully positioned grease points and robust spindles with sealed ball bearings the Trimax Striker has incredibly low maintenance requirements.

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