AS Motors Commercial Mowers


Scamblers are pleased to announce we have now taken on the dealership for the range of AS Motors Commercial mowers for Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and North London.

AS Motors offer an innovative blend of experience and engineering, thus simplifying garden and land maintenance. There's a mower convenient for every need and every type of lawn. For more than 50 years AS Motors have been designiing and building motorised gardening and landscaping machines which are tailored to the requirements of their specific application without compromise.

AS Motors' machines offer a long service life using maintenance technology that meets the highest demands. With a powerful rear wheel or four-wheel drive and AS 2 stroke engines specifically designed for uninterupted use on steep terrain, you will easily reach the highest grounds.

From the AS Rotary mowers to the Allmaher, every machine mirrors AS Motors' traditions and passion: to perfect the perfect.

For further details please call us on 01954 718484 or send us an email.

  • Manufacturer: AS Motor
  • Engine: Two-stroke
  • Transmission: Trans
  • Year: New
  • Seats: 1
  • Colour: AS Motors
  • Grass collection: Yes

To find out more call us on 01954 718484


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