AS Mulcher 470A Super Cut


Impressive mulching mower with clean-up feature with the new AS 470 4T A. RRP £935, Scamblers price £685.

This mulch mower with closed mulch unit and special blade shaft bearing arrangement is manoeuvrable and sharp on 47 cm wide cuts. Wide can be so comfortable: with a 47 cm cutting width, the AS 470 4T A supplements the successful AS 510. Stable, light and manoeuvrable, the AS 470 4T A delivers optimal mulching results even on narrow and angled terrain. The fine mowings disappear into the cut grass. Characteristics of the ultimate clean-out mower include a dimensionally stable mulch unit, a three-bearing crankshaft/blade bearing arrangement and a spring steel mulching blade.

For further details please call us on 01954 718484 or send us an email.

  • Manufacturer: AS Motor
  • Engine: Brigg 800E
  • Transmission: Trans
  • Year: New
  • HP: 4.1
  • Colour: AS Orange
  • Cutting width: 47"

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