Bantam Field Toppers


We offer four models of Bantam paddock topper, ranging from 110cm to 180cm. Made in the UK they combine high performance with low maintenance. They mount on the tractor's rear three-point linkage and are powered by the tractor's PTO. Fully floating over ground undulations, they can be switched from standard in line to offset cutting. They boast a heavy-duty, fully covered PTO shaft, a double swing with shock-absorbing blade carrier and tubed skids for easy turning and no skid marks. Gearbox 10/30 40hp up to 60hp, shock loading.

For further details please call us on 01954 718484 or send us an email.

  • Manufacturer: Bantam
  • Engine: TBC
  • Transmission: Trans

To find out more call us on 01954 718484


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