Fast Tow 1140L Bowser/Waterer


This used electric fast-tow 1140L Bowser/Waterer is in good condition.

W5250(E) / W5250(P) (E) - Electric Pump (P) - Petrol Pump Capacity 1140 Litres (250 gallons). Mounting Fast tow, twin axle trailer with 50mm ball hitch, over run brakes, jockey wheel, lighting and mudguards. Wheel size 165 x R13. Dimensions: width 1,420mm (56"), height 1,520mm (60"), length including tow bar 3,000mm (119"). Weight guide: empty 600 kilos, full 1,734 kilos (approximately). Pump (E) 12 volt DC electric pump powered by the vehicle battery. Flow rate up to 19 litres per minute. (P) 2" centrifugal petrol pump - 3 hp Honda engine. Flow rate: up to 450 litres per minute (adjustable). Hose (E) 6 metres (20') heavy duty 1/2" hose complete with 'on/off' lever top, quick fit couplings for simple lance change over. (P) As above plus flood watering facility: 6 metres (20') heavy duty 3/4" hose with 'on/off' lever tap, quick fit couplings. Lances: a) Telescopic lance complete with rose head for basket watering up to 6 metre reach; b) Short lance for tubs and beds. Liquid feed: A re-circulating system is fitted for liquid feed mixing. Colour finish: bronze green as standard or a single colour of your choice. General units of 900 litres and above are fitted with internal baffles to minimise surge in transit. Internal surfaces are treated with a butumastic coating to minimise flash rusting.

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  • Manufacturer: TBC
  • Engine: TBC
  • Transmission: Trans
  • Colour: Green

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