Iseki TG6375IQ


Iseki TG6375IQ Very special tractor at a very special price RRP £26,650.00 our price £19,987.00 new.

Air conditioned luxury cabin and over sized turf turfs makes this one ultimate turf tractor.

ISEKI TG tractors are smart and intelligent machines for new generation. Their high performance, reliability and automatic control system bring benefit to the field work. The completely new design is stylish and impressive. All instruments and gauges are easy to read and indicate driving information like engine speed, traveling speed, PTO speed and also speed range for operator's proper work. Iseki's TG range offers a comfortable driving platform and seat position provide ample space. All levers are ergonomically located around the driving seat and make easy access to the cockpit.IQ shift (Q version only) is programmed to several clutch engagement pattern and select the most suitable pattern depending on gear position to make smooth change. PTO engagement system is 2 mode adjustable PTO engagement and it give you more comfort for PTO operation. PTO engagement is quite smooth for this system. .When PTO is engaged, monitor light is turned on and indicates PTO is rotating.

  • Manufacturer: Iseki
  • Transmission: Hydraulic
  • Year: New
  • HP: 37
  • Tyres: Grass
  • PTO: Rear: YesMid: Yes
  • Drivetrain: 4wd: Yes
  • Power steering: Yes
  • Cab: Yes

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