Ryetec BV.E55 Wood shredder very good condition New modal price £26,630

It is ideal for green, plant waste, hedge clippings, branches with a maximum diameter of 150mm (6"). Unlike a chipper the the BVN 56 can takes stones, metal and other material which would put a convetional chipper out of action and continue to operate effectively and without expensive running costs and repair, with no specialist sharpening requirement or precise setting of the cutting tools.The heart of the machine is a rotor of 24 sharpened hammer flails, which produce an easily degradable mulch, the hammer system allows the hammers to pivot on a pin and therefore the machine is able to take foreign objects including stones and metal without severe damage or costly repairs or time wasted due to checking or resetting the machine

  • Manufacturer: Ryetec
  • Engine: Lombardini
  • Cutting width: 6"

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