Reform Bank Tractor


We are proud to be dealers for what must be the most refined bank tractor on the market. With new models such as the H6X(HST), H7X(HST), G6X(Manual) and G7X(Manual), there's a size and horsepower to fit all your bank mowing needs. REFORM two-axle mowers are designed as automotive tool carriers acting on the ground with consideration and for safe working at steep slopes. They fulfil various requirements of grassland operation all year long.

The REFORM Metrac is a specialist for mowing, tedding, turning and swathing, spreading out liquid manure, as well as for little transport tasks. Even at winter service the REFORM Metrac is an energetic assistant. The REFORM Metrac is also usable at communities, ski-runs, motorway- and river slopes, golf courses, parks and beaches. Here it is a specialist for flailing, mowing, mulching (also with suction and container), clearing or blowing the snow, spreading chippings or salt, sawing, sanding, sweeping, cleaning sand and much more.

Essential product features include:

  • Wide track for a large ground supporting surface
  • Deep centre of gravity
  • Low vehicle weight
  • Four-wheel steering via 4 large-volume low pressure tyres
  • Differential locks at both axles
  • Four-wheel steering

These items and the powerful motorisation in association with optimal graduated travel drive are other decisive features for extreme slope suitability, enormous ground preservation and maximum safety. REFORM four-wheel steering provides the particularly esteemed manoeuvrability and especially ground preservation of the Metracs, because the front and rear wheels are of the same size, have no negative wheel rake, no wheel castor, and primarily show the same steering angles. So the wheels can roll completely free of constraints. The four-wheel steering can be switched to front-wheel, rear-wheel and crab-steering mode on requirement.

For further details please call us on 01954 718484 or send us an email.

  • Manufacturer: Reform
  • Engine: TBC
  • Transmission: Trans
  • Seats: 1
  • HP: 44
  • Colour: Red
  • Tyres: TBC
  • PTO: Rear: Yes
  • Drivetrain: 4wd: Yes
  • Power steering: Yes
  • Cab: Yes

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